Abdul Aleem Khan

One year of PTI govt. brings our economy back from the verge of collapse:
- current account deficit decreases by 73%
- exports increase by 11%
- imports plunge to $4.08b. from $5.4b.

The fruits of a tough year of economic reforms are infront of all of us.

The story of Rashid Minhas (Nishan-e-Haider) is an example of courage for everyone. The traits of bravery & spirit to sacrifice is not defined by age but by our belief in our nation. This story will never be forgotten.
We pay tribute to him on his 48th martyrdom anniversary.

Pakistan stands for peace & PMIK has successfully made the entire world realise the importance of our sacrifices & our unflinching commitment towards regional stability. Pakistan can no longer be minused from any equation of regional politics.

Congratulation to General Qamar Javed Bajwa on getting a 3 year extension as the COAS. Pak Army under his command has played a commendable role in dealing with tough external challenges & its sacrifices for the security & peace of our country will never be forgotten.

Posting this video on the eve of world Humanitarian day,it is very sad to say that there is open violation of human rights in Kashmir and the Indian RSS goons are involved in genocide of Kashmiries.The @UN needs to play its role to prevent this oppression.

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