Abdul Qayyum Soomro

Deeply saddened over the loss of precious lives in a tragic incident of fire in #TezgamExpress train.
My condolences to the victims' families and prayers for early recovery of the injured.

Wishing Chairman @BBhuttoZardari a very happy birthday. May you continue to rise and shine in the face of challenges and may your struggle for the greater good of the nation succeeds. You are the present and future of Pakistan.


** پی پی پی چیئرمین بلاول بھٹو زرداری کا پاک افغان سرحد پر دہشتگردوں کی فائرنگ کی مذمت

** بلاول بھٹو زرداری کا دہشتگردوں کی فائرنگ میں فوجی جوانوں کی شہادت پر اظہارِ افسوس


Non-issuance of production orders for President @AAliZardari is an utterly undemocratic and condemnable act. Selected government has yet again proved itself to be anti-democratic.

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