Akhtar Mengal

Debt from Balochistan. Natural Gas from Balochistan. Resources from Balochistan. CPEC from Balochistan. And in return what do people of Balochistan get except exploitation? Doesn’t seem like is a New Pakistan, following steps of the previous regimes. https://t.co/ouHXZdEuA7

Has any government given justice to us? Or has Pakistan been fair in giving Balochistan it’s due rights in the past 7 decades?

It’s quite painful to hear all these things decades after. I can fully empathise with all the pain families of missing persons go through. May Allah make it easy for everyone and may they not have the same fate as my brother. https://t.co/XR3zHT8mC3

نہیں ای سی ایل سے نام نکلوانے اور لندن علاج کے لئے جانا ہے

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