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Ali Haider Zaidi

March 23rd, 1986
Parade Ground KHI
Guess who’s leading the NCC 😊
#PakistanDayParade #PakistanDayParade

From the streets of Lyari come sounds of pride & hope. An extra special tribute because Lyari is a place where the status quo was defeated by the youth.
Meer Saab, Farasat & the crew of From Lyari streets; Pakistani youth at its witty & patriotic best!👍🏻

This confirms what I have been saying for two decades. And once we fix FBR & make people realise that their taxes will be spent on human welfare rather than be stolen by our corrupt elites then Pakistan will rapidly become prosperous.

PPP “ideology” being protected by PPP’s Govt in Sindh.... where every member of the Public Accounts Committee is a member of the PPP & a handful are directly involved & facing charges on corruption cases! @BBhuttoZardari should look in his own backyard & stop 😭 like a baby!

How one overcomes adversity makes all the difference!
Well done @jacindaardern
You have shown great leadership in times of crises.
Thank you for standing up.

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