Andleeb Abbas

USCIRF is alarmed by reports of deadly mob violence targeting Muslims in New Delhi, #India and urges the #Modi government to rein in mobs and protect religious minorities and others who have been targeted.

#DelhiViolence #CAAProtest

After completing 4 years as Deputy Chief of Mission in Pakistan, I have been appointed as Foreign Ministry Spokesman & Deputy Director General, Information Department. With the new capacity, I will try my best to tell the story of China. I’ll continue to count on your support!

A public-private dialogue on Gender Focused Economic Reforms.....In Pakistan only a small percentage of women; 23% contribute to economy. Imagine the country’s productive potential, when this number grows over 50% or more......


'In Peshawar, the cultural boundaries of Pakistan and Afghanistan have mingled in language and food. “Mini Kabul”, the bustling Refugee Market in the northwestern city of Peshawar is home to some 5,000 shops run by Afghan refugees.' Read more on

Sugar Mafia🤔

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