Asad Umar

New block opened in islamabad model school for girls F 8/1 today. 8 new class rooms added. One of more than two dozen school upgrades projects being undertaken. New schools and colleges also being constructed this year

Brilliant rendition of wohi khuda hai by atif aslam @itsaadee. Great start to @cokestudio season 12

یہ بچیاں ہمارا مستقبل ہیں. ا ن کی حفاطت کرنا ہمارا فرض ہے. ان کو ترقی کرنے کے مواقع اگر ہم فراہم کریں گے، یہ انشاءاللہ اپنے ماں باپ کا نام بھی روشن کریں گی اور ملک کی ترقی میں بھی مددگار ہوں گی


Great initiative of the ministry of human rights to promote the advocacy of the rights of the girl child thru use of truck art. Well done @ShireenMazari1

Saw a very interesting presentation by a start up Zambeel ( , based in my constituency. Really innovative customized manufacturing being done by them. Keep seeing amazing work being done by Pakistani youth led start ups . Great hope for the future

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