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Asad Umar

A fair tax system which places an equitable burden on citizens based on their capacity to pay, is the life blood of a modern social welfare economy #BePakistaniPayTaxes

Iss ko boltey hain sawal gandum jawab chana... Bartania ka sahafi kah raha sharif khandan ney earthquake relief fund sey choree ki aur jawab mil raha hai key mein skills fund ka chairman tha!!! Yanee aik naya qatri khat eijad karney ki koshish

Some journalists & sharif family apologists spinning the daily mail story by saying i was chairman of dfid funded punjab skill development fund. Yes i was, but the daily mail story accuses sharifs of stealing from earthquake relief funds, which has nothing to do with skills fund!

What a match!! I guess in cricketing terms its fair that the best team in the world won the world cup but one's heart goes out to new zealand. The grit and character they have shown has won them admiration from everyone who loves cricket.

Congratulations to the Pakistani parliamentary cricket team for winning the first parliamentary cricket world cup, beating Bangladesh in the final by 9 wickets. By the way they went to participate paying for their expenses not at tax payers cost

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