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Asad Umar

Shocking to hear of ali muhammad mahar sahib's passing away. Allah jannat naseeb karey.

Heart rending loss for @AasifAli2018 of his daughter. Whole nations prayers with him. May Allah grant him the strength to cope with this unbearable loss

May Allah give qamar zaman kaira sahib the strength to bear the loss of his son. There can be no bigger loss a person can face. Our prayers are with him and his family

ماہ رمضان میں دھشتگردی پاکستان اور مسلمانوں کا بد ترین دشمن ہی کر سکتاہے۔ اللہ لواحقین کو صبر عطا کرے اور دھشتگردی کے حقیقی زمہ داروں کو قرار واقعی سزا دی جائے۔

Well done Pak womens team. Great performance.

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