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Bakhtawar B-Zardari

When corrupt elites hide their election & offshore money trails, buy multiple international properties, live in funny gala but pay only 1lakh in tax and then have the audacity to lecture citizens on taxes 🤷🏻‍♀️ #StartAtHome #BringBackAleemaKhanWealth #PayYourOwnDues #ThankYouNext

They also traced a bill for Rs 15,000 purportedly spent by Bilawal on lunch but unable to satisfy FATF on money trail of militant organisations. Worse than incompetence; it is hypocrisy

Hum toh mit jaein gay ay arz e wattan,lekin tum ko Zindaa rehna hai qayamat ki sehr honay tak #YoumePakistan #23March #PakistanZindabad

Visited the family of constable #ShaheedFarooq -deeply moved by the grief of his family.He had 7 kids& 3 of them are differently-abled who I met too.GoS will look after medical, educational& other expenses.These heroes put their lives in danger 4 our safety,here & on d borders!


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