Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari

Rangers have never been inside polling stations before 2018 elections. And we all know how that turned out. #Selections #ECP #PS11

Absolutely. Apart from the establishment built propaganda of corruption that has followed him since the 90s as an excuse to dismiss SMBB government there is nothing despite all JIT(s) & NAB custody. Will proudly face ALL charges like then & now but Right to Life is NOT negotiable

Ongoing battle since August when he was shifted in the middle of the night to hospital. Even tried to deliberately hide his medical reports. Cardiac condition not a joke not only has he yet to be shifted but not even an AC in cell. Legal right to life. Not absconding or running.

2018 déjà vu #selections

No Emergancy has been announced for what is an obvious epidemic. V dangerous spread across Pakistan & esp KPK. Figures have drastically increased. Not acceptable for the government to try & hide this as only more lives will be lost. Need immediate action!!

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