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Bakhtawar B-Zardari

When you don’t get an invite on #BilawalKiiftaar

NAB created by a runaway dictator 4 purpose of political engineering under the guise of accountability. There is no legit accountability under this NAB only unaccounted murder&corruption. NAB itself needs 2 be investigated, held answerable & nabbed 4 good.

When reflected &studied Pres @AAliZardari tenure will be shining in history books. From economy (currency swap,stock,gdp),foreign policy (Trade not Aid, Gwadar Port, CPEC, Iran/PK gas), Female power (Speaker, FM), Parliament (Powers/NFC/18 Amend), social welfare (BISP) 🙌💪 #PPP

Yup. Though 5th gen warfare was at its loudest during Pres Zardari era. Proud Media was free 2 be so. Apart from Global Recession, two major floods that affected millions/homes/crops, terrorism at its peak, 1st operation in Swat, IDPs list was endless - 0 excuses #PPP delivered.

“Public private partnership helped us save millions of children and ensured timely and better treatment”
@CLF_Pakistan has 7 Child ERs in #Sindh : Civil Hospital, NICH, Korangi-5, Lyari General, Abbasi Shaheed, PMC Nawabshah & Chandka Medical Larkana

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