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Bakhtawar B-Zardari

Prayers for MNS’ speedy recovery. Shocking and appalling that the family is not being given information and access to him.

Bilawal has sent minister prisons to visit Alamzeb Mehsud #PTM, will provide him a lawyer to be paid by Bilawal. Thank you Bilawal. Courageous move to expose elements that want to create impression that Sindh govt thinks of PTM as unpatriotic. Patriotism not monopoly of anyone.

The images of the poor children are beyond haunting. Murder is murder & THIS was murder. No need 2 waste anything on a useless JIT report. BASIC step of suspension should have already taken place. Every civilian & human life matters & nobody in uniform is above law. #Sahiwal

This is what Uturn social media team have photoshopped. And for all the channels running PTI Photoshop picture & maligning PPP Thar we very much have legal grounds to take action ✌️#BasicResearch #WillTakeYouALongWay #IllEvenPayForThePetrol #VisitThar


Don’t hate cuz we deliver #Admire #LearnFromGreatness #PPP #TharBadlayGaPakistan ✌️

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