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Dr. Tahir -ul-Qadri

I strictly condemn the heartrenching incident that happened in #Sahiwal. They were responsible to eradicate terrorism from society but this brutal act was no less than terrorism for which they must be held accountable.

The country will be considered stable and prosperous if its judicial system is just and impartial. I wholeheartedly thank Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar for constituting JIT to probe #ModelTownCase

Basic human rights are undermined in those states where individuals are stronger than institutions. Judiciary is the only hope for people when parliament has just reduced to its name and the difference between politicians and mafias has ceased.

Political parties must come on same page to fight terrorism at national level. Performance of military courts was encouraging and the delay to prolong its working would be counterproductive.

On January 2013, a huge number of citizens peacefully marched to the country's capital in pursuit of removing flaws in the election process. Even today there is a need for reforms to constitute the system according to law.

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