Dr. Tahir -ul-Qadri

In these 39 years journey, @MinhajulQuran has attuned Muslim Ummah with the concept of respect, purification of heart and soul, moderation and with the true essence of Islamic teachings.

It is with the grace and blessings of Allah ﷻ that @MinhajulQuran has achieved great successes in its journey for the goals and objectives by which it came into existence 39 years ago.

Simply wishing for good things to happen doesn't work alone. Those who aspire to achieve their goals must know that without putting efforts nothing could be achieved with mere thoughts and desires.

I have left politics but didn't abandon the struggle to pursue the killers of #ModelTownMassacre. Who should we protest against when our case to seek justice for Model Town incident is still pending in courts?

We vow to pursue the killers of our innocent workers both in this world and the hereafter. It is part of our faith to struggle for justice in this world. It is due on us to avenge the blood of innocent workers through Qisas.

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