Dr. Tahir -ul-Qadri

Deeply grieved to hear about the human and financial losses as a result of landsliding in #AzadKashmir. Heartfelt condolence to the bereaved families who lost their loved ones and prayers for the affected people.

Minhaj Women League has actively worked for the promulgation of peace, socio-welfare uplift and character building of the women. Congratulations to all its workers and designates on the occasion of 31st #MWLfoundationDay.

Convicted criminals who looted national exchequer are free to leave the country, but innocent victims of Model Town incident are being punished for protesting against the bloodbath of 17th June. Even worse, victim is kept enchained while being hospitalized in critical condition.

I am extremely grieved to see the inhumane treatment of arrested PAT workers, two among which have died in jail and despite bring critically ill their bail applications are not even heard.

Imran Khan deserves appreciation for providing equal justice to all in his "New Pakistan" where the convicted criminals are let free and the imprisoned victims of Model Town incident are enchained even in the operation theater.
#JusticeForSultan @ImranKhanPTI

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