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Dr. Tahir -ul-Qadri

To achieve the basic objectives of Pakistan Resolution it is imperative to eradicate extremism & ensure strict accountability. The core ideology behind the inception of Pakistan was to bring all the fields of life in accordance with the teachings of Islam. #PakistanResolutionDay

I cordially welcome #MahathirMohamad, the PM of Malaysia,on his arrival in Pakistan. He is a statesman,and the economic progression that Malaysia has experienced during his era serves as a model for all developing countries of the world.

Quran Majid consists of solution of every problem ever faced by the Muslim Ummah. Quran Majid pledges that whoever ponders and considers deeply into it will find guidance and right ways to solve any problem.

Many congratulations to the entire nation & especially to the people of Karachi for successfully organizing #PSL4. Participation of international cricketers in #PSL evinces their trust in #Pakistan. Sports play an important role in the promulgation of peace and rapport globally.

The act of terrorism that took place inside a mosque in #NewZealand is indeed deplorable and highly condemnable. #Terrorism has no religion and such incidents prove that they are at war with humanity. I condole with the government of New Zealand and its people.

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