Dr. Yasmin Rashid

Initiatives by the Health Department Punjab in 2019.

Starting the construction of 9 new hospitals and Health Cards for 7 million families were the landmark achievements.

We'll keep achieving the milestones to provide better healthcare for every citizen.

Such an easily preventable disease if only we each play our role to protect our children, our future.

In Sargodha with Minister Health @Dr_YasminRashid & Minister Labour @AnsarNiaziPTI at the launch of Mobile Health Units for Students. These units will provide a complete medical check up for our students. A great initiative between Health & School Education Departments.


I would like to thank and welcome back our staff and ensure them that the Healthcare Professionals Security Bill will in sha Allah soon be a reality.

#PIC fully functional again with medical staff back to work.The lives of those dependent on these facilities is so crucial,we couldn't spare even a moment's delay.
Alhamdolillah for all the cooperation from CM @UsmanAKBuzdar & PM @ImranKhanPTI ' commitment for the people.

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