Faisal Vawda

PM IK’s stance on lockdown is justified.👇How it can have consequences for the vulnerable. PM has been concerned about the same population being affected by lockdown with no food. Proves him visionary once again.But Some people could only play politics on a NATIONAL emergency.

IHC dismissed petition against Zulfi Bukhari.
A slap on PMLN which played politics over a national emergency.

We are happy to announce within less than 48 hours we have successfully created a final prototype of a medical protective suit made according to the guidelines provided by medical experts and thankfully we have gotten it approved by Dr. Seemin Jamali, Executive Director at JPMC.

The hearts of Muslims all over the world are grieving over the massacre of Muslims in India. The govt of India should confront extremist Hindus & their parties & stop the massacre of Muslims in order to prevent India’s isolation from the world of Islam.

Love you Faisal Bhai, 😘 you are the real tiger of Imran Khan. Excellent job please continue to expose this mafia and criminals. @FaisalVawdaPTI

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