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Fauzia Kasuri

White supremacists are killing more and more Americans. Here's why they have not been prosecuted as terrorists.

No permanent friends in politics, only permanent interests. Looters of public wealth sitting in ALL pol parties, n many in positions of power in the govt. No high moral ground for any party. Politics as usual. Sadly, the poor masses continue to suffer.

Hadd he faraib ki. Read this story about a key Cabinet minister's ....

Proud of Akhuwat (NGO) who have disbursed Islamic interest free micro financing (only orgn in the world) worth Rs 83bn to approx 3.3m people. Congrats to Dr Amjad Saqib for hosting an iftaar w khawaja sirahs, special needs children, orphans & Akhuwat donors @ the Gov House!


One should not undermine the noble cause of @Akhuwat @DrAmjadSaqib

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