Firdous Naqvi

The govt's consistent focus on reducing our external imbalances by reducing imports & increasing exports & remittances are bearing fruit. Current account deficit reduced by more than $6 bn last yr & July this yr deficit is 73% or $1.5 bn lower than July 2018 - a great achievement

Thats the only way we can do it. Our city. Let’s do it. مل کر کیئینگے صفائی

Yesterday was day wasted as the match was too one sided.
We need to learn and improve the better team won.
Hard work training mental strength attitude all count

Bilbalatay Zardari please give your shadow budget let’s see what wonders you would do with the Mess your dad and MNS CREATED

جو لوٹے گا
نہین چھوٹے گا
اب کون جائیگا
نیب بتائےگا
اگلا ہفتہ کچھ
نیا دکھلائے گا
جورون کو بتائےگا
جو لوٹے گا
نہین چھوٹے گا

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