Hammad Azhar

Thanks to the good will of PM @ImranKhanPTI, my ministry @mophrd was able to achieve 207% increase in manpower export to Saudi Arabia. Thank you Saudi Arabia for being the second home to millions of Pakistanis, largest country to home Overseas Pakistanis.

Either they know very little about finance or try to mislead deliberately..or both! PTI added less to ext debt in its first FY than preceding year (pmln).
Gross inflows matched with outflows i.e. debt retirement = net impact on ext debt. In this case its USD 1.3 bn.

A section of the press contends that the government’s foreign borrowing increased by US$ 10.4 billion from 18th August 2018 to 30th September 2019. This contention is not only misleading, but is also against the national interest as it sends erroneous signals to the markets.

In a panel discussion on “Trade as a strategic development: the role of ITFC and its partners”, Hammad Azhar said: 40% of Pakistan's economy is based on SMEs and we are building an export oriented economy. CPEC offers investment opportunities to all countries.


Met with the President of the Islamic Development Bank at Jeddah. New country partnership strategy between the Govt of Pakistan and the Bank to be formulated.

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