Hammad Azhar

The most experienced and accomplished statesman of the Muslim world faces exactly the same problems as my govt. He is confronted with an entrenched pol mafia that has bankrupted and indebted Malaysia, leaving state institutions devastated. https://t.co/MOoDIzQBb2

Pakistan is humming with optimism. What’s happened to India? | Newslaundry https://t.co/xh4kGfuoYV

Not just total SBP reserves. $3 bn of forward liabilities of SBP have also been cleared improving the net of swaps forex reserves position.

Thank u for giving ur 2 cents on this but pls first verify the source b4 posting next time. It’s a scene frm my movie”loadwedding”,the polio worker is me & that woman an actress.Through the film we were raising awareness of the issue.Glad 2 see our performances were so convincing https://t.co/ididoJJcxL

"Economic stabilisation has failed to bring growth: PM aide"

Dear Dawn

This heading is very misleading!

That's not an accurate summary of the speech.

This is wrong on so many levels.


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