Hina Rabbani Khar

Remarkable. In wanting a bunch of ‘muslims’ to be named and shamed for an indefensible, grotesque wrong must we attack the Prophet of Islam (PBUH)- Did the hijackers share this information before hitting the planes that they were ‘inspired by their Prophet’

National award-winning Indian Muslim scholar Saiyidain Hameed was born in #Kashmir but had no issues with Art 370, says there will be a violent backlash, says Kashmir & Assam are examples of Muslims being targeted in India & says Kashmiris are being imprisoned on their own land.

Modi’s new ‘normal’ in #Kashmir- ‘Nothing is normal here ‘

Remarkable! The unravelling of World’s largest democracy. Colonisation & annexation is sold to the world as a move towards economic prosperity of the Kashmiris then why forbid local media from covering it.

Pakistan is the only country that can feel the pain of Afghan suffering inflicted by perpetrators of an ideology of terror. We can understand the political compulsions of winning an election but it’s imp that leaders r able to coalesce to find solutions rather than spread hate

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