Hina Rabbani Khar

As a ‘Pakistani’ I do not take joy in India s sef destructive mode because this region is bound together by geography. Can just hope that India reclaims its secular credentials and understands that stability & peace r prerequisites of the power that it seeks to project.

India s descent into chaos under #Modi is perhaps the most significant event of this century for this region. Remarkable that one leader can steer the course from growth & development to an ‘intolerant’, ‘insecure’ version of itself.

That’s a fair point. We should hold all countries accountable for both the intended & unintended consequences of their military adventures. Refreshing in Pres Macron s talk was proposal to give a strategic option to states we consider spoilers @MunSecConf

Indeed. In ‘fear’ing the great competition that s emanating from China & to some extent Russia. The West is reacting by being less West. #westlessness And thus giving away its most remarkable edge- soft power. Fear is what one sees. And fear is terrible policy. #Munich2020

6 years under Modi have eroded any chance for regional peace and integration. While Govts may hold back on calling out the clear and present danger of India s descent into intolerance & extremism- Intl Media is noticing- sign of things to come.

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