Hina Rabbani Khar

Rule 1: “Save the economy or save lives” is a false choice.

@dkthomp on what should govern our short-term reaction to the health crisis: https://t.co/70DLsrlZkL

Important read for policy makers - the lesson is consistent through various studies. Leaders that ignore it- risk not only only their citizens health but also their fast economic recovery.

Good lesson to follow for everyone in these times. Wrong messaging can have grave consequences.

All policy makers who are grappling with the ‘people vs the economy’ debate need to read the findings of this paper & guided by it. Decision making in the ‘fog of pandemics’ is difficult. But it MUST be guided by facts not fiction.

“We find that cities that intervened earlier & more aggressively do not perform worse &, if anything, grow faster after the pandemic is over. Our findings thus indicate [interventions] not only lower mortality; they also mitigate the adverse economic consequences of a pandemic.”

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