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Ijaz Ul Haq

Pakistan at it's best.

Different point of views have emerged out of The Iftar dinner hosted by a non starter political novice. The only thing I enjoyed watching was a joker which fits a hand full of cards with all political parties.

We received the information today in the morning that Offshore well Kekra-1 has been declared unsuccessful while the PM in the evening was expecting positive result @PTIofficial. Money spent so far $150 Million @today's rate is?

My free advise to the Iftar opposition. THEREEK against the government is always ideology based and on Principals. Does this get together has a common ideology or Principals? Or are we in for something we don't know.

Allah ki Shaan aur Hamari qismat. One who is not fasting is inviting the entire opposition for Iftar. I am astonished to see few Religious Political leaders also attending.

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