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Imran Ismail

My heartfelt condolence on Sardar Ali Mohammad Meher sudden death.
Dedicated politician and philanthropist.
He will be missed in all tiers for his services.
May Allah give him highest place in Jannah and sabar to family.

My heartfelt condolence to Asif Ali for the early demise of his daughter .
May Allah give her highest place in Jannah and sabar to family .

A very sad and unfortunate incident which happened at Matiari. Heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their near and dear ones, May Allah grant them best gardens of Jannah. Ameen

Saddened to hear early demise of Osama son of Qamar Zaman Khaira.
Words can’t describe the pain family must be going through.
May Allah give him maqfirat and sabar to the family. Ameen

Had a pleasant meeting with Pir Pagara Sahib.

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