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Jam kamal khan

Its not about anyone coming or going, its about the change and what delivered

What is it that makes so many enemies sit together on one agenda? They were there for 10yrs

let @ImranKhanPTI do his best, 10months too early on anyones performance evaluation

10months and 10 years!

Budget 2019-20 preparations...

Making sure all required processes are adopted,each department and area schemes priorities are defined.

Provincial bigger schemes are planned as per need of each area and each sector gets its development share.

1 and 3 years based schemes.

Look who who are talking...

They all have been in power not once... but all the time

They all say current govt to go...and what next??? These come back again.

Alhamdulillah east bay Gawader machero kainjo bridge aur access ka masla tha wo hall hova...ab inshallah is PSDP wo manzoor hoga.

Education Jobs
1) B-17(2143) BPSC

2) B-9 to 15(9433) Teaching Staff Testing Service

3)B-1 to 15(3510) Non teaching staff

4) B-1 to 15(109) Non-teaching staff (Directorate of Edu)

5) B-1 to 15(21) non teaching (Directorate of Bureau)

6)B-1 to 16(19) (BISE)

15000 total

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