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Khawaja M. Asif

2018 کا الیکشن کتنے میں خریدا گیا؟

ہم تو پہلے ہی کہتے تھے کہ یہ الیکش چوری کیا گیا ہے اس وقت یہ مانتے نہیں تھے. اب تو اسد عمر نے بول دیا کہ اگلا الیکشن ہم خریدیں گے نہیں اب یہ بھی بتا دو لٹڈے کے ارسطوکے کیا قیمت ادا کی ہےبابارحمتے اور ڈاکٹراٸن معافیہ کو جوآتے ہی اٹھارہ ارب ڈالرہڑپ کر گۓ.

Unstable angina !! That an acute emergency , was wondering why they were making Nawaz Sharif Sb walk in hospital , such patients are never allowed to walk but are mobilized on wheelchair 😡😡

And now we get this. A heart attack is a heart attack and while party reps deny the news Mariam Nawaz makes a case for his immediate hospital treatment.

Lots of prayers for health of Nawaz Sharif. Elected as PM of Pak for 3 times an twice as CM Punjab;served our Nation to best of his abilities an marks of his services are shinning all over Pakistan in terms of Public Welfare. He deserves the best medical treatment @MaryamNSharif

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