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Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor

On media reports of stranded tourists at Toheed Abad near Nathia Gali a rescue team each of Army and PAF sent in support of civil administration. Rescue teams carrying medicines and food items. Road blocked due to heavy snowfall and broken down vehicles. Approach being cleared.

“LY-80 has greatly enhanced air defence cap of Army Air Def while strengthening it at National level along with PAF the overall custodian of the defence of Pakistan air space”, COAS.
CAS congratulated Pak Army on induction of LY-80 reinforcing overall Air Def capability. (2/2).


COAS and Air Chief witnessed display of firepower capability by Pak Army Air Defence including fire of recently inducted Long Range weapon system LY-80. LY-80 has realized the concept of a comprehensive, layered and integrated air defence with enhanced lethality. (1 of 2).

“Pakistan is a peace loving country, looks forward to peace within & peace without in line with the vision of father of the nation.A well equipped,well trained & professionally competent Army deters war & guarantees peace.Pakistan Army is one such battle hardened force.”COAS.2/2.


COAS visited formations of Bahawalpur Corps during winter collective training.Witnessed manoeuvre of mechanised formation as part of defensive Corps’ operations against conventional threat.COAS expressed satisfaction on high standards of training & operational preparedness.(1/2).

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