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Maleeha Lodhi

In UN Security Council on the Middle East, @PakistanUN_NY seeks an urgent "surge of diplomacy," notes the "expectant eyes" with which Palestinians have looked towards this Council chamber. If justice cannot be found here, then where?

One of the highlights of the visit of the President of the UN General Assembly María Espinosa was her meeting & interaction with the Women’s Parliamentary caucus at the National Assembly earlier this week. She described our female Parliamentarians as Pakistan’s “exemplary women”


اقوام متحدہ جنرل اسمبلی کی صدر ماریہ فرنانڈا پاکستان کے دورے پر ہیں ۔انہوں نےانسانی حقوق کی وزیر شیریں مزاری سے ملاقات کی جبکہ خواتین پارلیمنٹیرین کاکس اورنسٹ اسلام آبادکا دورہ کیا

It is important there is a dialogue with top level of UN on human rights issues and she sees good work done to protect rights and safety of women.@UN_PGA @UNIC_Pakistan

She was very moved by that visit

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