Marvi Memon

Promise I am not - now can i get back to a v interesting book on the African Union pls. I am obsessed wth the African poor these days. 😇pretty pls...

U know I am sick of u people trashing ch Nisar infront of me. Soon I wil share why he was the wisest of them all. And then u wil realize his worth. His words r coming true. Each one of them. He just didn’t say it to u. I wil say my words 2u Now cut ths comparison.

PTI walk your talk fast. Or else what’s the difference yet again between u ppp n pmln.

No. I chose the right boat. PML-N gave me a chance to contribute to helping poor.. ur PM IK is impressed wth policy nonsense n poverty work has stopped n he is being fooled. I wil explain why pmln boat looked to b on track in 2012 and how it drove itself to Titanic in detail soon

Ask Anusha or Ali Dar ☺️

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