Marvi Memon

My silence being misconstrued.I gave ONLY1 deadline4telling truth wch expired July8 not YEST! NO NEGO on silent bec I hav made promise Of TRUTH4🇵🇰BETTERMENT.Til I DELIVER I wil b🤫NO amount of money/blackmail/threats will win.Enjoy karma.patience.🇵🇰wil win

Promise I am not - now can i get back to a v interesting book on the African Union pls. I am obsessed wth the African poor these days. 😇pretty pls...

If only it was just a simple personal nexus unfortunately the level is something wch blackmailed Mr London to fright n @ShazadAkbar has all the details n so does NAB. More later ✅wil u stop asking me. Wait for presser.

U know I am sick of u people trashing ch Nisar infront of me. Soon I wil share why he was the wisest of them all. And then u wil realize his worth. His words r coming true. Each one of them. He just didn’t say it to u. I wil say my words 2u Now cut ths comparison.

Anusha used2call Dar Shb,Dar Uncle but treat him otherwise- Dar “Uncle” has some other words he used infront of me for her,which I shall share soon-he did it to convince me he was ONLY her uncle!🐮What a it seems comical but it was suicidal4me then✅

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