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Maryam Nawaz Sharif

We cloak our cowardice with the ill-fitting garment of political correctness. To a coward, courage always looks like stupidity. Fortune favours the brave.

Love 💕

They were launched there as well. I remember one of them disguised as a doctor trying to barge in on my unconscious mother in the ICU. Hospital had to call the police.

If it were to me, I’d respond to each and every supporter as we owe a lot to all of you but it is humanly not possible. Apologies & gratitude.

آج میں نے آپ کو دیکھا تھا عمر اور اشارے سے سلام بھی کیا تھا۔

آپ نے بیٹی کہا، مجھے بہت اچھا لگا ♥️

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