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Miftah Ismail

Is nothing sacred sir? Next thing you know people will say Ghalib is overrated or Mehdi Hasan is. Where will this madness stop. Has Naya Pakistan madness infected even sensible people like @hyzaidi ?

The importance of the 18th Amendment - @MiftahIsmail

I've been to schools all over Pakistan & interviewed dozens of experts & officials. This statement is not true: "Poor girls do not go to school at all." In many villages and slums, I have seen more girls in school than boys. @wef @Twiplomacy @JimHarris

Rawal Lake

Why the question mark? Is the PTI now claiming that it was IK and not MNS who built motorways, highways, hydro-electric projects, power plants, gas pipelines, fibre optic links, airports, universities and so much more across this great country of ours?

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