Mirza Shahzad Akbar

The new counter-terrorism approach in Kashmir β€” beating Kashmiri journalists and justifying such violations. https://t.co/KVAQanjyrZ

Today reminds us the importance of contraceptives #ModiBirthday

Pakistani boxer @MWaseemOfficial knocks out Filipino boxer in 62 seconds!

That was fast bro. More power to you. Good luck moving forward.

The communication blackout, security clampdown and detention of the political leaders has only worsened the widespread fear and alienation in Kashmir.


Is @Malala listening? Raise your voice. You can make a difference, do not give into pressure from your sponsors. Children in Occupied Kashmir have not been to schools for 40 days now. Isnt this what TTP did in Swat? https://t.co/HVzSWvsoxQ

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