Murad Saeed

جہاں جہاں پہ گرا ہے خوں میرے شہیدوں کا
وہاں وہاں پہ کھلیں گے گلاب سڑکوں پر
آج کرفیو کے باوجود مقبوضہ کشمیر میں لوگ سڑکوں پر نکل آئے۔
#KashmirProtests #ModiHitlerInFrance

The govt's consistent focus on reducing our external imbalances by reducing imports & increasing exports & remittances are bearing fruit. Current account deficit reduced by more than $6 bn last yr & July this yr deficit is 73% or $1.5 bn lower than July 2018 - a great achievement

سن لو دنیا کے رکھوالو مجھ کو بھی کچھ کہنا ہے
اب تو ہے آزاد یہ دنیا پھر میں کیوں آزاد نہیں؟

"Armed forces in kashmir are detaining kids and molesting women and girls."
The report was compiled using conversations with hundreds of people in and around #IOK all of whom were too afraid to speak on camera for fear of Indian government persecution.

Ali garh university of India stand with the people of #IOK, students also chanting slogans against #Racist India- freedom slogans
#Khalistan #Nagaland what's next?

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