Mushahid Hussain

Good discussion in GEO show about way forward on Kashmir & Pakistan’s role/policy. During the current crisis, after Modi’s annexation of Kashmir, China has again proved to be Pakistan’s steadfast & sincere friend!

This irresponsible & desperate statement comes after failure to subdue Kashmiri people with military might & opens the door to crude nuclear blackmail by Modi’s India which tried but failed to become ‘the bully on the block’ given Pakistan’s resolute opposition to Delhi’s fascism

Opinion | The Silence Is the Loudest Sound - The New York Times Brilliant Arundhati Roy on Kashmir’s annexation sees ‘a whiff of colonialism in the air’ in Modi’s India: ‘RSS is the State’ & ‘architecture of Indian fascism is quickly being put into place’

Fulfilling Jinnah's Vision: Growth through Equity - Youlin Magazine Superb article on Quaid-e-Azam economic vision: ‘The great ideals of human progress, of social justice, of equality and of fraternity constitute the basic causes of the birth of Pakistan’

While Pakistanis celebrate Independence Day with gratitude to the Quaid-e-Azam, at this crucial moment, our national leadership, irrespective of Party, person or province, must rise to the occasion with unity & loyalty to sole objective of Kashmir’s liberation from Indian tyranny

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