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Mushahid Hussain

The New York Times wrote a series on China’s Reform & Opening Up, last Nov, the first article titled: ‘The Land that Failed to Fail’ & the US newspaper confessed: ‘The West was sure the Chinese approach would fail & it just had to wait. 40 years later, the West is still waiting’!

Addressing Conf on Dialogue of Asian Civilisations, referred to 40 years ago when China embarked on Reform/ Opening Up, which utterly changed China/World, lifting 750 million people out of poverty, with China making transition to world’s 2nd biggest economy with Global outreach

Audrey Azoulay, DG, UNESCO, ended her speech with a quote from the world-famous globe-trotter, Ibne Batouta, who visited China in the 14th Century: ‘Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story-teller’! In 2018, 160 m Chinese went abroad, while 140 m visited China

Singapore President Halima Yaqoob also spoke well; basically, whether it’s President Xi Jinping’s ‘Belt & Road Initiative’ or ‘Dialogue among Asian Civilisations’: China is presenting a vision of Economic/cultural cooperation in sharp contrast to US post 9/11 use of mily force

President Xi Jinping made many references to Islamic contribution to growth of Asian Civilisations: ‘Chinese Civilisation enriched by confluence of Islam & Confucianism’, spoke of famous ‘Arabian Nights’ fable,the Great Mosque of Makkah, city of Samarkand, also Indus Civilisation

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