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Mushahid Hussain

Merry Christmas to the Christian community, who have a rightful place of equality/dignity as honourable citizens of Pakistan as enshrined in the white portion of the National Flag & as envisioned by the Quaid -e-Azam. We must honour our Christians heroes for their contributions!

Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam apt moment to reflect on Pakistan’s genesis: a creation of democracy through constitutional process via supremacy of ballot achieved by Muslim League under leadership of a great & outstanding statesman who’s hallmark was tolerance & belief in rule of law

What is of concern is the Gestapo-like, uncivilised treatment of those at receiving end, even if they are peaceful & law-abiding: PTM leaders, MNAs Ali Wazir & Mohsin Dawar, were illegally detained/offloaded from plane while Professor died in chains in NAB custody. Unacceptable!

Partisan context of ‘accountability’ driven by vendetta, vengeance & victimisation & directed primarily at Opposition vitiates political environment & polarises polity. Past lessons are never learnt: judicial verdicts & the verdict of people & history remain mutually exclusive!

It’s yesterday once more! Irony! 3 cases: another ‘guilty’ verdict on Mian sb, while 1st one still stands suspended + acquittal in 3rd case proves that ‘smoking gun’ of corruption, commissions & kickbacks remains elusive! Importantly, MNS faced these trials with courage/dignity!

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