Mushahid Hussain

Willing to mediate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir, says Trump in Delhi After all that PR & effort by Modi’s India to woo US President, Donald Trump’s parting press conference ends up with the dreaded K-word, proving Kashmir issue is at centre stage

Trump in Ahmedabad:Did Modi display servile colonial mindset towards gora sahib? Old habits die hard! Hilariously factual account of the extent to which Modi went, Sarkari style, to carry the ‘White Man’s Burden’, in an effort to please President Trump!

In Valley, a reality check: My trip to Srinagar laid bare a false narrative of normalcy via @IndianExpress Indian MP, Mani Shankar Aiyar’s graphic expose of Occupied Kashmir’s conversion into a ‘Valley of Fear’, curfew, clampdown & coercion, after August 5

Trump praises Pakistan while announcing $3B India arms deal via @nbcnews President Trump deserves credit for praising ‘very good relations’ with Pakistan in his maiden speech on Indian soil,much to the chagrin of his Hindutva hosts keen on Pakistan-bashing

Pakistan position on afghan issue vindicated: Mushahid Hussain via @Islamabad Post Prof Vali Nasr said: Trump has politically ended ‘war on terror’, but ‘for US, China is The Enemy now’; US critical of CPEC, but unable to match Chinese support to Pakistan

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