Mushahid Hussain

This is Urdu version of an 11-year old English best-seller by one of South Asia’s top English writers, Pakistan’s Muhammed Hanif, stopping it’s publication is a violation of Article 19 of the Constitution which guarantees freedom of expression; officialdom’s silliness must cease!

Pakistan in 2020 needs hope and a healing touch | The Express Tribune Pakistan has strategic space in the region, but a ‘course correction’ at home is needed as 2018 controversial polls midwifed Caesarean birth of ‘Naya Pakistan’ deepening domestic divide

Remembering Zulfikar Ali Bhutto on his birthday: received PM ZAB in Washington as President of Pakistan Students Association in 1975; ZAB changed face of Pakistan politics by giving voice to the voiceless, he gave hope to Pakistanis after 1971 debacle & he was architect of N-Bomb


American Presidents, under siege at home, often revert to such reckless mily moves to divert attention: Trump is facing impeachment & election in 2020; Clinton did it in August 1998 during Monica Lewinsky scandal by firing ‘Monica Missiles’ into Afghanistan ostensibly to kill OBL

Kamran Khan Show | 3 January 2020 | Dunya News via @YouTube Interview on assassination of Gen Suleimani: this is a violation of both international & US laws, when Iran’s ties with Saudi Arabia & UAE were improving, destabilises an already unsettled region

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