Mustafa Nawaz Khokar

حکومت کے مطابق #FATF کی گرے لسٹ میں رہنا پاکستان کی کامیابی اور بھارت کی شکست ہے

مطلب ہمارا مشن گرے لسٹ میں رہنا ہے نکلنا نہیں

This video has also been brought to my notice. I’m asking the party to investigate and will then follow up with the ECP & relevant authorities. #ps11

Here is an independent testimony on former President #AsifZardari's poor health in jail custody. The inability of Pakistan's courts to protect fundamental right to life, Article 9, is concerning. #PPP urges that he is immediately transferred to a hospital for further treatment.

Senate HR committee has taken notice of this. CJ Khosa voiced similar concern of shrinking space. Earlier former president Asif Zardari’s interview was also taken off air. Chair PEMRA has been called on the 18th to explain his illegal orders which r violative of the constitution.

ہمارے ہاں مگر کو ئی ’’بینرجی‘‘ موجود نہیں

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