Mustafa Nawaz Khokar

ٹرمپ کی بھارت میں اسلامی دہشت گردی کے تذکرے کے ساتھ

In India the gloves are off. And so is the mask of pluralism and democracy. It's sheer mob rule now. #DelhiBurning

چاچا شہباز شریف صاحب پاکستان واپس آؤ @Mustafa_PPP کی شہباز شریف سے دلدوز اپیل جس پر @Shafqat_Mahmood مسکرا اٹھے

Same and much worse has been happening in #Kashmir for decades, with indian police and army acting as the mon. Yet you were tweeting pics of apples. The war comes home. Always.

First person: I watched a mob set a shop on fire in Delhi, chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ . Not only did the police fail to act against the mob, in one instance, they were seen asking the CAA supporters to throw stones at those opposed to the law. Modi’s India

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