Naeem ul Haque

Rajnath Singh fumbles again. His own forces unleashing a reign of terror in Kashmir and the BJP government persecuting Muslums all over India eminently qualify for designation as terrorists. This is what Pakistan wants to end and will pursue this objective with full force.

A failed preacher, failed Kashmir ambassador, failed political leader ... lost his NA seat to PTIs Yaqub Shaikh...but a successful tax evading businessman Maulana “ Ibnul Waqt” is now determined to knock at the doors of anarchy with the help of some jailbirds.

The tamasha, the circus, the mobs witnessed yesterday at NAB court reflect very poorly on the entire system of administering justice. This needs to be changed. The request for detaining a prisoner who is already in jail is mind boggling. Any room for rationality?

Modi govt must not think that Kashmiri struggle for freedom will get weaker. This time the two hundred million Muslims of India plus many million more sane Indians will be standing with them to oppose the ethnic cleansing being perpetrated in different forms all over India.

After meeting the PM just now I can confirm that a list of cabinet changes being circulated on SM is totally false and there is no truth in it. Our adversaries continue to indulge in fake messages to create divisions in the party. But that is not going to happen.

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