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Naeem ul Haque

According to US Energy Information Administration, Pakistan may have over 105 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves including shale gas.The recently abandoned Kekra drilling had the potential of 9 trillion cubic feet of gas.

Some third rate blackmailing webchannel started a campaign against me for a transfer from Nadra of a nephew of mine whic I was not even aware of. Then some other miscreants kept spreading lilies that this was a promotion which it was not. Reporting the matter to Pemra.

A perfect Urdu shair on tmoros gathering of leaders at Bilal’s iftar party
لباس رہبری میں ہر قدم پہ راہزن ملیں
باہم یہ انکی سازشیں کہ شیطانت کے دل ہلیں

Maryam Nawaz spent or wasted 67 billion rupees in three years under the PMs Youth Program. The money was supposedly spent on laptops, loans, training, skill development etc. But there are hardly any results to be seen. An audit is being ordered to determine the facts.

In 2016/17 the Art Council building in Murree was was converted into a cinema with about 200 seats by Nawaz but was closed to the public. During last 2 years only the Sharif family was allowed to use it and watch movies . Now the PTI govt. has started using it again for public.

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