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Naeem ul Haque

If Shahbaz wants to come to NA to abuse the PM and encourage his Chamchas to do the same then he should know that the production order is not meant for this . He must make a commitment to abide by the decisions of the Ethics Committee and the Rules of Business.

Shahbaz better decide if he wants to play a positive role in NA and instruct his chamchas to behave. How dare he and his chamchas make personal attacks on PM in the NA.Does he want to spend more time in jail sulking? Does he want his Production ordered to be revoked? Last chance

Pathetic behaviour by Shabaz Sharif the illegitimate child of Zia’s Martial law and his corrupt chamchas in the NA . The violation by opposition of the agreement reached before presentation of the Finance Bill by Asad is condemnable. Time to revoke Shahbazs production order.

Our police system and its culture is so bad that young men who join this decadent institution end up becoming its victims n start shaping their values on decades long practices of victimising the poor , torturing them and taking illegal instructions from the corrupt ruling elite.

Terrible police training in our country.Instead of aiming at the main body of the people why can’t they be taught to shoot at their legs or stop the vehicle by firing at tyres or the engine. Pathetic. No discipline. No sense. Using sense is always better than using guns.

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