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Nafisa Shah

Drums of war, hash-tagged hate, warmongers in studios, revanchist mobs...All these can mean more coffins, grief, and unimaginable suffering all round. Nearly 600 people, including civilians, militants, and soldiers, have been killed in Kashmir since early last year.
Pause, talk.

If cultural exchanges should be stopped on the basis of violence than India should be boycotted globally for the 100+ civilians it murdered in Kashmir last year alone, along with hundreds blinded/wounded. This number doesn't even begin to cover the myriad human rights violations.

No caption needed for a legend who spent his entire life serving his people and his party #PeoplesVoice #legends

I condemn the attack in #Pulwama &express sympathies with the families of the bereaved. At the same time the Indian knee-jerk reaction on putting the blame on Pakistan is unacceptable. India needs to look inwards to its own home-grown problems 2 fight terrorism there.

Violence never has & never will resolve anything bet the 2 states. Pakistan condemns the use of violence especially against state functionaries. Those who choose to use violence r enemies to both states & people. India must desist frm old habit of jumping to blame Pakistan

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