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Nafisa Shah

On the #FathersDay
Central Information Secretary PPPP & MNA Dr @ShahNafisa So Exited, Express Great faith & Love with Her Father Ex CM Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah Jillani, Also Gifted a Beautiful His Portrait Painting at Jillani House Karachi.
We have also Proud on Baba e Worker.


This is the same PTI minister who advocated 5000 people should be hung without trial. Something that goes against our moral, ethical & religious beliefs. Can he start with himself? “Meet the minister who kept millions’ properties in his servant’s name”

Housing for the poor cannot be based on bank loans. The poor have no guaranteed income to pay Rs 20,000 installments for 20yrs. In case of default will banks be allowed to throw thousands of families on the streets as their homes are auctioned? Non-starter.

Imran Khan REPEATEDLY breaks diplomatic protocol at SCO summit

یہ انتقامی کاروائی نہیں تو کیا ہے کہ آصف صاحب کو نیب احکام 5:15 بجے زرداری ہاؤس سے لے کر نکلے اور میرے خلاف ایف آئی آر 4:30 بجے درج کی گئی جس میں کہا گیا کہ میں نے نیب کو واپس جاتے ہوئے روکنے کی کوشش کی۔
ترجمان چیئرمین پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی سینٹر مصطفی نواز کھوکھر

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