Naz Baloch

Federal Govt Relief package of $18 per family per month to 10 million families during the #Lockdown is insufficient. Also the mode of payment needs to be simple and fast. #COVID19Pandemic

Humanity ❤

Turkey police officers visiting the homes of citizens, making list of their needs, providing relief at their door step in order to protect them from #COVID19Pandemic and assure that nobody is left vulnerable.

This is how state protects and serves its people.👏

Human Rights Watch, calls on federal & provincial governments to follow Sindh governments policy in protecting workers rights during pandemic. “Pakistan: Workers Face Health, Economic Risks | Human Rights Watch”

When humans are in quarantine, nature has reclaimed its territory.

#COVID19 home-caregivers:
Ensure ill person rests, drinks plenty fluids & eats nutritiously
Wear😷when in same room
Use dedicated🍽️🥛towel & bedlinen for ill person
Disinfect surfaces touched by ill person
📞healthcare facility if person has difficulty breathing

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