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Naz Baloch

Jinnah was the source of inspiration for the Muslims of sub-continent who had great expectations & hope from him. He successfully translated the vision of two nation theory into reality in form of Pakistan! #PakistanDay

ہر دل کی آواز دل دل کی آواز #پاکستان_زندہ_باد

Strongly condemn the attack on #MuftiTaqiUsmani and his family, sad to know his guards lost their lives. Seems the enemies of peace are trying to create unrest in the city after the successful PSL to sabotage the hard earned peace.

The plot designed by #NAB to shift the politically motivated cases against #BilawaBhuttoZardari to Islamabad is discriminatory & unfair! Baton-charging and arrests can’t stop the jiyalas who are trained to stand up for the democratic rights! #BilawalBhuttoZardari


#PPP workers Baton charged & Arrested for showing support to @BBhuttoZardari & @AAliZardari outside #NAB today - what does this remind #Pakistan of? Hello 2019 Dictatorship #JiyeBhutto 🙏✌️

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