Omar Ayub Khan

Zulfi Bukhari will emerge victorious in court Inshallah. He has sent a defamation notice to Mr. Khawaja Asif. A vicious propaganda was unleashed against Zulfi Bukhari by vested interests. We stand with our Cabinet Colleague.

Great job!! Such gestures make us all proud.

This is probably the biggest relief package ever created by a govt in the history of Pakistan to help public! And this despite facing an economic downturn inherited from previous governments! Well Done!

عوام کا دیرینہ مطالبہ پورا۔ وزیر اعظم عمران خان کا پٹرول، ڈیزل، مٹی کے تیل پر 15 روپے فی لیٹر کمی کا فیصلہ۔

#PTI #PakistanFightsCorona

1. In response to social media chatter, we will only win the war against #CoronavirusPandemic if we all become soldiers; if we all do the right thing, if we all work together. The support we've had from the military in KP is exemplary, and we will all work together to win this.

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