Pervez Khattak

Very sad to hear about Naeemulhaq’s death. He was an asset for the party. Inalillahi Wainna Ilaihi Rajioon

Had a progressive & positive meeting with Q league today in Lahore. We will remain united. It was a propaganda of some people to create mis-understandings between us which has failed.

3/3 BRT buses have been imported from China & are 3 times more than Lhr Metro buses which were rented. Also, these buses will be accomodating 5 times more passengers spread across Psh city compared to Lhr Metro, which is benefitting v few ppl. Kindly don’t mislead the nation.

2/3 The other additional cost of BRT (land acquisition, commercial & parking plaza) is around 13 bn. Apart from the main corridor, BRT has a 50 km feeding route in BRT whose cost includes upgradation of bus stops, drainage system, roads & its beautification.

1/3 BRT’s main corridor & its feeding routes have been completed, only the IT system is in its completion stage. The total cost of this project isn’t 90 bn as quoted by you, but its 66 bn. Cost of BRT main corridor isn’t more than that of Lhr Metro even after a period of 5 yrs.

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