Rehman Malik
Will there be any response by Indian Govt agst this mad man-What reaction PM Modi expects from Muslim / Charistain and Sikhs after this statements .
Can some one from India response to it
Presser of Cybre crime

The twitter account of Director PR of Senator Rehman Malik was suspended on the complaint of PM Modi govt .Director PR only retweets my statements including that Modi will be tried as war criminal for the brutalities being committed in IHK.
#Expose Modi

This clip shows how both ur joker leaders are entertaining public in front of camera .I am glad that I all alone have shaken 1.4 billion Indians and suggesting them the right path instead of following these two jokers / RSS terrorists .PM Modi will disintegrate India via RSS.

@Twitter has suspended the office account @RMOffice_ (Media & PR for Senator) for tweets against Indian Brutalities, @SenRehmanMalik has strongly condemned it and has asked @TwitterSupport to restore it immediately.

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