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Sayed Z Bukhari

#TeamGreen ! Let’s treat this game like any other match & find the same form like you did with England. Get pumped up and be aggressive. Good luck ! 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
#WeHaveWeWill @TheRealPCB

Brilliant productive session at @ucl , shows great recognition for Pakistani tourism & its potential. These are the very kind of minds we want talking innovation in this sector. Keep promoting & keep visiting this amazing land-you all are both ambassadors & clients!


Was honoured to represent Pakistan at the 100th Centenary session of International Labour Conference. The impartiality of the @ilo conference in bringing up issues of Kashmir and Palestine merits praise in particular.
@mophrd @pid_gov

Of all the hardest times Pakistan has ever faced..atleast in this one we know that our leader won’t abandon the nation in hardship.The way he is carrying his countrymen through difficulty educating them along the way so they never get exploited again.. unprecedented!

“Khan Aaya Tah”

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