Sayed Z Bukhari

InshAllah justice will be served against this mafia ! #JusticeForFahad

Food supplies,life saving drugs,business & livelihood,education or health care, none of these are for you if you’re caged in IOK today. #Day16 of consecutive curfew nears its end in #Kashmir & the silence from world community is deafening. Humanity is under question here!

1yr of #PMIK’s gov & 1yr of complete turnaround of #overseas policy
✅OPF became profitable after 4yrs
✅Increased EOBI pensions &revival of dead projects
✅Health insurance for overseas’ families
✅58%⬆️ in manpower export & 2Bn⬆️ in remittances
✅1000’s of families reunited


The Hindu Supremacist Modi Govt poses a threat to Pakistan as well as to the minorities in India & in fact to the very fabric of Nehru & Gandhi's India. To understand the link between Nazi ideology & the ethnic cleansing & genocide ideology of RSS-BJP Founding Fathers just Google

The World must also seriously consider the safety & security of India's nuclear arsenal in the control of the fascist, racist Hindu Supremacist Modi Govt. This is an issue that impacts not just the region but the world.

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