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Senator Saeed Ghani

وزیر بلدیات سندھ سعید غنی @SaeedGhani1 کراچی ہاکی ایسوسی ایشن کے صدر منتخب -

کراچی کے کھلاڑی خود کو تنہا نہ سمجھیں انکی محرومیاں دور کی جائینگی - نو منتخب صدر

کھیل کے کیساتھ ملازمت کے مواقع بھی فراہم کئے جائینگے - سعید غنی

I don't know what happened to him otherwise he is good in urdu, might be some pressure of @ImranKhanPTI like " Alvi kharay hokar taqreer karo" in front of Saudi Crown Prince 😉

RESPECT for this young man for the courage he's displaying. This tweet comes straight from his heart. Those who orchestrate & thrive on false "narratives" have already harmed this country far too much.

CM Sindh @MuradAliShahPPP condolences with family of Policeman Farooq who was martyred in attack of #MuftiTaqiUsmani ),assured them education expenses and treatment for visually impaired children.@murtazawahab1, @SaeedGhani1 & @SyedNasirHShah accompanied

We can do even more, @ImranKhanPTI has many things to be included in resolution

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