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Shafqat Mahmood

When the scam became public, PML-N said Sharifs would sue the Wall Street Journal.

Did they sue? It's been months.

Did the establishment stop them🤔

I tend to agree but let us see. If they don’t sue within two weeks it would mean this statement is just a lie and for political purposes

Do u seriously believe that I do not know what a tabloid is Ma’am? Instead of telling me how bad the messenger is, why not tell the Sharifs to challenge the message and in a court of law. This question all apologists for the Sharifs, and I am not saying u r one of them, ignore

@Shafqat_Mahmood He is the winner of 2015 British National Press Awards, 2018 Feature Writer of the Year and Author of 7 books. Unlike Pakistani sold out journalists he means business and understand the implications of false story.

Incidentally the journalist who wrote the story, David Rose, stands by it. DFID comment was the same that he had already published. More challenge for PMLN spin masters. Why don’t you sue? #KhadimEAalaExposed

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