Shah Mahmood Qureshi

Pakistan continues to pursue aggressive diplomacy for #Kashmir across the globe. Peace is the only solution. India’s continued oppression, violence and disregard for human life in IOK is the antithesis to a peaceful solution for the people of Kashmir and regional stability.

Another damning reminder of India’s unbridled thirst for violence. Contrast to Pakistan’s aggressive efforts to galvanise diplomacy as UNSC met for 1st time formally since ‘65 on IOK validating International dispute status.History reminds fascist warmongering state can never win.

Yet the UNSC meeting has validated Pakistan’s clear view that the matter of IOK is a global one and that India’s unilateral action is unacceptable. It has confirmed that a peaceful negotiated solution is the only way forward.

Let it also be known this meeting was conducted under the shadow of India’s repeated efforts to scupper any discussion.

That we took the voices of Kashmir to the highest diplomatic forum in the world is a manifestation of our commitment to the cause of Kashmir and its people. We meant it when we said Kashmir you are not alone. Pakistan is with you.

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