Shahbaz Sharif

Indian Occupied Kashmir continues to be a victim of the global indifference & apathy. Human rights abuses go on unabated. The blackout remains in force. People's sufferings keep on increasing due to severe cold. How long will the world be insensitive to their plight?

Engaging the youth & students is what the government must be doing instead of muzzling their opinion and registering FIRs. The nation's future hinges on the youth. Their voices must be respected and demands heeded.

All peace-loving people must play their role to reject evil characters that hurt the religious sensitivities of others.

Strongly condemn the incident of desecration of the Holy Quran in Norway. Nothing hurts Muslims more than such grievous acts that target their religion. They also cut the efforts for interfaith harmony at the roots.

Amb. Alice Wells' statement on CPEC reflects her ignorance of the design of the project. PMLN categorically rejects her criticism & dubs it ill-founded. As someone who was closely associated with negotiation process, I must say that CPEC envisions a community of shared interests>

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