Shahbaz Sharif

DailyMail stated last month that they would respond to our legal notice on or before 22Aug & journalist David Rose tweeted on 17Aug that it would b “shortly”. My lawyers, however, still have not received a substantive response from DailyMail in defence of their claims against me>

باتیں نہیں عملی کام کی کہانی ، خوابوں کو عملی تعبیر دینے کی کہانی ، قیامت کے روز و شب کی کہانی ، جنون کی کہانی ، پنجاب سپیڈ کی کہانی ، شہباز شریف کی زبانی

The Niazi govt claims to collect record taxes this year. It has also got over ~7600 billion rupees in loans in just one year. Would IK care to inform the people the reason for cutting the funds for Health & Education drastically ? while no development work is taking place either!

For all those saying all is well in Indian-held Kashmir, this is a clip from Srinagar yesterday. @UN please take note


In a connected world that stands duly integrated– the wars we unleash & the peace we
pursue– everything is intertwined. Gone are the days when what happened in Kashmir/Palestine did not matter in New York, London/Beijing.

PC: Mustafa Hassona @AlJazeera @trtworld

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