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Shahbaz Sharif

Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly. This is personal account of Shehbaz Sharif being run by his staff. Tweets by Shehbaz Sharif are signed -ss

Heartiest congratulations to President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang & the people of China on their National Day. Peaceful rise of China is a factor of stability in the world. Pakistan further looks forward to strengthening its bond with her iron brother & an exemplary friend.

Just spoke to Raja Farooq Haider, PM AJK whose helicopter was fired at by Indian forces. India wants to hide its oppression on Kashmiris through such incidents. Pakistan will continue 2 stand by the people of Occupied Kashmir in their just struggle for right to self-determination

Pakistan's unwavering patriotic soldiers stand steadfast to defend with might and fury against unprovoked aggression from any threat. While the nation stands united with their intrepid military and against the cowardly threats.

The bellicose & irresponsible statement by the Indian Army Chief exposes the Indian designs to the world that should immediately take note of New Delhi's threatening posture. Pakistan extending an olive branch to India, should never be misconstrued as weakness.

صدقِ خلیل بھی ہے عشق' صبرِ حسین بھی ہے عشق..
معرکہء وجود میں بدر و حنین بھی ہے عشق!

علامہ محمد اقبال

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