Shehryar Afridi

With Elder brother @ShehryarAfridi1 in a Dialogue on Religous Tolerance & Interfaith Harmony.
Islam ๐ŸŒ™ is a Religion of Peace,
Islam means Peace & itโ€™s message is Peace.

Inaugurated school at Afghan basti - settlement of Afghan Refugees in Islamabad. Our services for Afghan brethren shall continue until their dignified Repatriation. More initiatives will be launched soon to make them feel "Home" courtesy PAGE & ARC.


Front of Kahsmir is ON. We are shaking the prosperous world to wake from slumber & Respond to situation of Indian Occupied Kashmir. We will keep marching until right of determination is excercised by Kashmiris. Today while addressing youth on Kashmir issue at Islamabad

Congratulations team ANF for catching a big fish, a huge assignment (approx 25 kgs) which was bound for a foriegn country has been busted in way. Thank you Team ANF for keeping vanguarding Pakistan's prestige & credibility safe from such culprits. Zero tolerance IA.

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