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Shehryar Afridi

Receiving Afghan Minister of Refugees HE Muhammad Hussain Balkhi for Q4 talks regarding safe & sustainable Repatriation of Refugees. Q4 talks are taking place in Islamabad from tomorrow. Pak has been honored by the presence of Representatives from all major stakeholders.


Had positive discussion with HE Mr Hossein Zulfaghari Deputy MOI Iran on issue of Refugee Hosting. Both countries are hosting Refugees when the world is closing the door. His Excellency is in Pak for Q4 talks on Afghan Refugee Repatriation.

الحمدللہ تحریک انصاف نے کفائت شعاری پر مبنی آج اپنا پہلا بجٹ پیش کردیا۔ کابینہ نے اپنی تنخواہوں میں دس فیصد رضا کارانہ کمی کرکے نئی مثال قائم کردی جبکہ حکومت نے ترقیاتی اخراجات میں تیس ارب روپے کمی کی۔ افواج پنے بھی بجٹ اور تنخواہوں میں اضافہ لینے سے انکار کرکے قوم کا ساتھدیا

#Quetta development get Rs 10 billion.
Karachi gets Rs 45.5 bln, Youth development Rs 100 bln for low cost loans. Overall 1st pro-Pakistan budget 4, rejecting foreign agenda. Congrats Finance Team, bravo @ImranKhanPTI 4 proving #QuaidePakistan

Under pro-poor budget, #PovertyAlleviation prog #Ehsaas gets Rs 90 bln adnl; Rs 217 billion subsidy to power consumers,
#FATA development gets Rs 152 bln; Rs 1000 billion over 10 years. #Dams get Rs 70 bln.
Rs 55 billion for Dasu hydro power.
#Budget 2019-20

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