Shehryar Afridi

Deeply touched & indebted to Prime Minister of Qatar for allowing me to visit Doha Central Jail & break bread with Pakistani inmates. Emotional scenes at jail as first time anyone paid heed to suffering Pakistanis overseas. Video says it all about vision of @ImranKhanPTI

فیر دوڑ گیا جے

میں نے قومی اسمبلی میں رانا تناء اللہ صاحب کو چیلنج دیا تھا کہ سچے ہو تو عدالت میں کیس کا سامنا کرو مگر انہوں نے پھر بزدلی دکھائی اور آج عدالت میں انکے وکیل نے دوبارہ راہ فرار اختیار کی. رانا صاحب مرد بنو اور کیس کا سامنا کرو. ہم آپکو بھاگنے نہیں دینگے

Pakistan is humming with optimism. What’s happened to India? | Newslaundry via @newslaundry

Pakistani economy getting stronger, attracting Foreign Direct Investment of US$487 million in December 2019 - highest in past 2.5 year. Pakistan is rising under its dynamic leader PM @ImranKhanPTI. Doom awaits for those painting a doomsday scenario for #Pakistan

I have accepted your challenge Rana sb, video of Abid Sher's father abt u, of model Town killing, of Inspector Farrukh from Fsb couldn't wake your conscience. But now u r caught red handed. Let trial start

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