Sherry Rehman

Watch the latest video dispatch from #Kashmir by @nytimes it shows the anger and protests in #IOK and the death of a young woman, how boys are being arrested arbitrarily and the impact of pellet guns. This dispite #India’s gov trying their best to hide the truth.

"Instead of constructively working together the govt displays a lack of tolerance. It talks about a charter of economy one day and the next day it is back to the same attitude of brazenly bypassing the parliament." Sen @sherryrehman

Watch @VicePresPPPP Senator @sherryrehman's executive interview now on @CapitalTV_News.

#KashmirStillUnderCurfew #Kashmir #ForeignPolicy #Pakistan

Kashmir’s illegal annexation: policy options for Pakistan | A summary of Jinnah Institute’s report on #Kashmir carried by ⁦@etribune⁩ today. Read by clicking on the link below.

See this video: in Soura outside Srinagar , residents call their area ‘Kashmir’s Gaza’. India’s Iron Curtain on Kashmir is not working

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