Sherry Rehman

COVID-19 could have effects on women's health, says the UN

Humanitarian responses must always be appreciated, irrespective of politics.Lovely story about ⁦@RahulGandhi⁩ by rape victim : 'Rahul Gandhi looked after us emotionally, monetarily, but asked us to keep it a secret,' says Nirbhaya's father.

Addressing the confusion by ⁦@KhurramHusain⁩ Testing is at the core of any response.Lockdowns are only supposed to open space for testing.If the govt can’t count tests, how will we get data to gain a clearer picture of the future direction of virus?

“Is Sindh meant to be fighting a global pandemic on its own, fed govt?” - @VicePresPPPP Senator @sherryrehman

Good news. Ceasefires must be promoted everywhere, urgently right now

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