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Sherry Rehman

#Pakistani short film ‘Rani’ to be screened at #Cannes2019

As US tech giants pull the plug on Huawei, the trade spat with China escalates to a new level. Intl users will suffer but so will others as Huawei will no longer offer Google apps on android phones. In the longer term 2 million US jobs may be hit

PPP expresses reservation over hike in interest rates

Areas where Pakistan can potentially benefit from the ongoing trade war are rice, cotton, soya beans. With rising prices of Chinese rice and cotton exports to the US, Pakistan can increase its share in the US market. #TheAsiaAdvisory

This is likely to have an even longer term impact on productivity with trade worth $160 billion being redirected to avoid rising tariffs #TheAsiaAdvisory #US #China Trade War

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