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FATF has noted progress already achieved by Pakistan during the last one year and especially in the last 4 months. However, more work needs to be done as our action plan is perhaps the most ambitous and challenging ever handed out to any country. 1/2

Glad to continue support Pak-German cooperation!! Signed an agreement of €23.4 mi with @eadgop to provide technical assistance. GIZ will support #Pakistan in improving vocational training, local governance, labour standards & will also support in the development of ex-FATA area


Positive News:
Foriegn Exchange Inflows continue to surge.
Remittance by Overseas Pakistanis recorded at $1.74 billion, up by 17.5% in September 2019 as compared to September 2018.
Last year remittances increased by 10% ($1.9 billion).

”Textile industry achieves 26 percent growth in quantitative terms: APTMA”

Textile sector is the backbone of Pakistan’s export portfolio & government is working with the stakeholders to further enchance productivity and increase value added exports.

ADB will provide $2.5B loan to Pakistan in 2019, these are cheap low interest loans.
Drop to $1B in 2018 is when ADB & World Bank stopped funding due to increased risk under PMLN & they relied on expensive commercial loans + net addition of external loans in 2018 was highest ever

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