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Zartaj Gul Wazir

G khadim e ala????

Purity of the culture...
Great reception by the chah kanday wala.

We've acted most responsibly in this conflagration. Modi will get emboldened in his fascist designs if the human rights violations are not addressed. He's also using confrontations as smokescreen to distract from accountability on a stalled Indian economy.

As Indian Occupation forces continue to target & kill civilians across the LOC with increasing intensity & frequency, there is an urgent need for UN SC to insist India allow UNMOGIP return to IOJK-side of LOC. We fear an Indian false flag operation.

The most experienced and accomplished statesman of the Muslim world faces exactly the same problems as my govt. He is confronted with an entrenched pol mafia that has bankrupted and indebted Malaysia, leaving state institutions devastated. https://t.co/MOoDIzQBb2

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